NEW fully equipped newborn studio session @ Growing Joy Imaging | Dubois, PA

Lifestyle newborn session in the comfort of your home


If you have already booked your newborn session with me or you are considering, please read ahead and learn all about my style, how to prepare your baby for his or her newborn session, and what to expect before, during, and after the session. 

I like to consider myself a minimalist when it comes to my style of newborn photography. 
What does that mean? 
It means less is more; I like to use earth tones, natural poses, and keep props at a minimum for a more sweet and simple look. 
I still love and will use plenty of wraps, hats, headbands, blankets, furs, baskets if you are booking a studio session. If you are booking a lifestyle session then I will use your beautiful home and nursery to capture these precious 1st few days with your baby in the most organic way, you are more than welcome to include any baby things (wraps, blankets, hats, headbands, etc.) or family heirlooms/hobbies/etc. you have at home in the session!

My top priorities when photographing newborns is safety and comfort. I will never put your baby in any poses or positions that could cause harm to them, EVER. There are some poses you might see on Pinterest that I am uncomfortable with bending your baby in that way and will not risk your baby's safety just for "the cool shot"  - that's just me ; I prefer natural posing. If we get an opportunity to take a super squishy pose that I am comfortable with, I will have someone's hand on the baby at all times and that will get edited out in post processing. If your baby is uncomfortable, hungry, upset, or just needs momma a minute - we take it. I refuse to stress babies out in this process, let's take our time and let them guide the session in a calming environment.
Take this time as new parents to relax and enjoy this experience, I've got it under control.


A BABY! - that's it! I have it all - from fake hardwood floors and props for setting baby in to all different colored furs, wraps, headbands, hats, stuffers, etc. etc. etc. to choose from. I also have with me, some things that can help to sooth you baby during their session - a space heater and sound machine just to name a few.


I recommend tentatively scheduling your newborn session with me prior to your baby's due date via messenger BUT if your little one is born and you would like to schedule last minute that's not a problem, just check which dates are available on my booking site. I will mark down your due date in my calendar, that gives me an idea of when I will be hearing from you after his/her arrival. Once you and baby have been given the green light to go home, please BOOK NOW via my website or Facebook page as soon as possible to schedule a definite date and time for your baby's newborn session. My best advice for a smooth session would be to schedule baby as early as possible in order to photograph these little ones effectively, I recommend baby being between 2 -14 days old but please don't stress if you miss that time frame - please don't worry! I've got plenty of experience in snuggling and soothing babies back to sleep. 
If your baby is jaundice, I may suggest that we push your session back.


If you are planning on doing an in-home session then I will be using the stuff in and around your home that catch my eye or that you would like to include. I like to begin the session focusing on family pictures whether that's just mom, dad, and baby or a family with siblings! My style of family newborn photography is called "lifestyle newborn photography" if you want to stick that in your Pinterest search. I like to begin with the whole crew so that you look your best and can relax the rest of the session, it's also an easy way to get baby to sleep because you'll get to hold them during most of these and they love that. If your baby is born during a warm season and you want to go outside for pictures that's perfectly fine but I will leave that up to you. If we are taking these inside then I will more than likely ask to use your master bed and have you all snuggle up on there for a variety of poses. We can then make our way into the baby's nursery for a few more family shots and some lifestyle portraits of just the baby.  *enjoy a few examples below*


If you prefer to NOT have your newborn session done in your home, then you would be booking my newborn STUDIO session located at inside of Growing Joy Imaging in Dubois, PA! As of March 2020 I have a fully equipped studio with lighting and EVERYTHING you would ever need for a newborn session, I will have all of my set ups ready to go, and capture a wide variety of portraits of your new little one! I will also have a bed set up available to incorporate mom, dad, /or siblings into this session.


1. PLEASE try to keep your baby awake 1-2 hours prior to the session if possible
2. set out or bring along anything you would like to include in the session
If I am coming to your home, have baby in his/her diaper snuggled in a warm blanket or the outfit you've chosen (I love those knotted gowns) until I arrive to wrap them.

3. babies LOVE to be warm- either you in your home or I at the studio should crank up that heat - I promise it will make a huge difference
4. try to feed your baby right before the session begins, a full belly can make all of the difference and if you are nursing try to avoid a spicy or change in diet 48 hours prior to your session

5. grab a warm wet wash cloth and remove any little eye boogies prior to the session and a dab of lotion to any dry spots.
6. It's totally okay if your baby poops or pees on something during their session, please have diapers and wipes handy
7. If you are okay with it, using a binky for a quick sooth while posing can be helpful even if they aren't use to one