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~ baby milk bath mini sessions ~

simple + sweet

If you are interested in booking a milk bath mini sessions please contact me by sending me a private message on FB via Vanessa Huey Photography.

I would love to work with mom to come up with creative ideas for each baby (milk and cookies, fruit loops, sun flowers, strawberries, citrus fruits, etc.) but I will a simple greenery option for boys and bohemian flowers for girls for those of you who prefer to keep it classic.

$200 for 15 images of your little love (digitals and copyrights included)

There are a few limitations as far as baby's age, size, holding self up or sitting abilities based on the size of my mini bath tub & safety purposes.

I will be offering these milk bath mini sessions YEAR ROUND - yay! 

I am using organic powered goat milk in each bath, amazing for your baby's skin 

~ Jensen ~

~ Mia ~

~ Ellie ~

~ Evelyn ~ 

~ Julietta ~

~ Giannella ~ 

~ Delanie ~

~ Adley ~

~ Lydia ~

~ Maliyah ~

~ Evie ~

~ Cassandra ~

~ Memphis ~

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Your wedding experience with Vanessa Huey Photography!  


HELLO to friends new & old - if you are recently engaged (yay! congrats!) and looking for a wedding photographer
and a style that you connect with then you have found yourself at the perfect place to begin.

I am here to guide you through a mini wedding experience with me because I believe that the experience you get with your photographer on the day of your wedding can be just as important as the beautiful images you'll be receiving to re-live your favorite day over and over again. I am here to help you decide that I am the person you want to trust with your wedding day memories! I want you to know that I do not just show up the day of the wedding and click my shutter button. I invest so much thought and energy into your day, I strive to always give my couples a Pinterest perfect gallery to look back upon. I will help you any way I can during the planning phase of your wedding, let's work together to create the perfect timeline of the day's events. We will use your complimentary engagement session as your opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and master my core poses while having fun and capturing those candid moments as well. I will be by your side A LOT on the wedding day, sometimes having you act like I'm not there and sometimes guiding you through that perfect shot. I even tend to turn into a master of all different wedding day trades, from helping the groomsmen put on their boutonnieres to chauffeuring members of the bridal party around in my car.

 I will elaborate more on the wedding day as you read ahead... As far as after your wedding, I keep in touch with you every step of the way during my editing process. I will excitingly post 80 (THAT'S RIGHT! ... I said 80!) newlywed sneak peeks to my blog just a few weeks after the wedding for you to enjoy and share as well as a post on my Facebook page! I will also make you an online gallery of your sneak peeks so that you can order some early prints, download your images especially if you would like to use one for in your 'thank you' cards to get them sent out promptly, and if there is a certain image you need from your wedding for any reason just let me know and I will work on that for you! A few months after your wedding day I will add the rest of the images to that gallery, I average about 100 final images per hour that you book me but every wedding is different and I don't limit the amount of images I take or edit. I will pick out all of the best ones for you to look back through your day like an organized story.
Your gallery will remain active until your one year anniversary.

I hope I have sparked your interest and attention. If so, let's continue on ... 

For 8 years now, I've been building amazing relationships with my wedding couples and a bond that continues on years after the wedding day is over. It's always so special for me when I get to capture more life moments for my couples as their family grows and the years go by! 

The first two questions that are going to pop into your mind right now will be "Do you have my wedding date available?" and "What do you offer in your wedding packages?" I recommend booking your wedding at least 12-18 months in advanced

and you can view my wedding packages under the 'info' tab on my website.

I just wanted to share a little bit about myself before we begin:
* side note: I really need to have a professional photo taken of myself soon!
Enjoy this random snap chat selfie from when I was excited to be
Punxsutawney Phil's official photographer for Groundhog day 2020! 

I have always been the memory maker and picture taker for my family and friends for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always playing with cameras and making videos with my sister. I married a coal miner and my high school sweetheart Nick, we've been together for 15 years and have an 8 year old son named Ryder. He is the kindest little human I know and my favorite subject to photograph - I have a feeling he might follow in my footsteps! When Ryder was a baby I started playing around with the idea of taking pictures professionally, after a few months of practice sessions my business began to take off and flourish into what it is today and I could not be more thankful. I am completely self-taught and continue to learn and grow but I feel very confident and consistent in my style and skills after so many years of experience. I am celebrating 8 years of business with over 100 weddings + thousands of other photography sessions though out the years.

Aside from absolutely loving my job - I love Grey's Anatomy, my hot tub, Peloton bike, Queen, and chocolate.

When I first arrive on your wedding day ... things will get REAL for you! I love the energy of the day, all of the girls getting ready together, listening to music, and drinking mimosas! 
I will typically focus on details first-
oh so many details and then lots of fun and elegant getting ready shots: 


After a fun morning of glamour and anticipation it's time to either take some formal photos depending on how many photos you would like to get accomplished prior to the ceremony (bridesmaid shots + groomsmen shots, /OR bridal party + bride & groom portraits if you choose to do a first look together)

OR we will make our way over to the ceremony location
so that you two can officially become HUSBAND & WIFE!! 

I love getting to experience everyone's unique wedding ceremonies and capturing the love and promises that fill the room. 

After you greet your guests it's time to begin family photos! I like to start with your oldest relatives 1st so that they don't have to be standing or waiting around too long, and then move onto to the largest groups you have on your list and work our way down through immediate family. I like to keep this portion of the day organized and moving along so that your family can go enjoy cocktail hour and we can move on to bridal party shots and a variety of bride/groom portraits! 

You've chosen your absolute best friends to stand by you on one of the most important days of your life, let's have fun with those friendships and connections while capturing the groups energy and relationships! 

and then giving each group a little break I will focus on bridesmaids with the bride and groomsmen with the groom. 

& for the most exciting images of the day in my opinion - BRIDE AND GROOM portraits!

& we can't forget single portraits because you are both going to look and feel like super models! 

... moving onto the most fun and relaxing part of the evening --- your wedding reception! 
I loooooove music and I love dancing - sometimes I catch myself singing or dancing behind the camera throughout the night, I just can't help myself! I will spend the evening capturing the events you have planned as well as mingling around the room searching for detail shots, candid moments of you and your guests, couples sitting together, friends gathered together, couples and friends dancing together just enjoying the night you've planned and dreamed of for so long.

Thank you so much for taking this little visual journey with me and I hope getting to see this small glimpse into a wedding day with Vanessa Huey Photography has helped to answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself when searching for your wedding photographer. If you've scrolled down through and thought to yourself yes YES these are the kind of images I want for my wedding and the kind of photographer I want to work with then please send me a message so that we can chat more! I would LOVE to be your wedding photographer and capture all of the magic on your wedding day!


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